Polish Marko-Okna's windows are installed in France, Germany and Czech Republic

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In France, Germany and the Czech Republic they install windows from Poland – now MAROCCO is looking for a shareholder, too.

The first ten years of conducting the activities of Marko-Okna which manufactures windows, doors and shades, could be a great example of a small company with a big manufacturer.


His owner,  Mariusz Kierszniewski had been in transport and  import from eastern countries, but in 1994 when windows were booming economically, he started manufacturing them and it was a real fantastic bull’s eye.
Now, after 20 years of self-sufficient investment in his own production for the purchase of  machinery and equipment for production base, Marko-Okna is looking for an extra shareholder, investor, because new perspectives are excellent . – Yes, I’m looking for a shareholder to 
compete with foreign markets on equal terms - says Mariusz Kierszniewski, the only owner of Marko-Okna until now. 

Nowadays, it is worth investing more in the company because our production and sales are so developed that we can take it to a higher level.
The company offer is constantly increasing. Currently, Marko-Okna has been making six-chamber PCV windows in Gealan system and also specialist replacement windows and monoblocks marketed in France.

– We have been exporting to France for two years where our co-worker is – adds Marek Kierszniewski. – Our representative in France is Ryszard Trochowski, who lives in La Seyn in northern France, near Toulon. Marko production is installed there in single-family houses or  in some bigger objects. We send windows, doors, shades there – to Paris, Lyon but also to the Czech Republic and Prague.

Currently, the Marko-Okna company is in good shape and a public relations agency, responsible for the advertisement, wins clients who buy products from this company.

If you are interested, please contact us:

The  Marko-Okna company also produces special IQ systems, aluminium woodwork and Belgic system Aliplast shutters, because the company exports to Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and Norway, too. – We need a shareholder – Marek Kierszniewski comes back to the most important topic for the company – because we have great opportunity to a huge progress.

We offer also livestock windows, interior and exterior doors, exterior window shades, sills and self-produced interior window shades with a wide range of materials and all-season mosquito nets.
The Marko-Okna production is located in the only plant in Siedlce, Poland which reduces costs of operational activity and helps the company to win with short forward dates, reliability of delivery and some extra services – complex technical advice. In 2013 the company sold several thousand windows, doors, shades, and in this year about 2 thousand windows already which are the basis of the production, but also a great number of other assortment. 



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