Recruitment for studies in the Old Polish University in Kielce is still open!

26.07.2021 / czytano: 1848 razy

Degrees awarded by the Old Polish University in Kielce is recognized in the European Union and in the world.
It is the university established in 2001, educating students not only in several campuses in Polish cities, but also abroad in Ireland in Dublin and in Ukraine
in Lutsk.

The offer is based on a 3-year first-cycle (bachelor's) studies, 2-year second-cycle (master's) studies,
5-year full time studies, as well as a wide range
of postgraduate studies, courses and trainings
in the full-time system and e-learning.


All levels of studies are conducted in the full-time (day) and part-time (extramural) system. It is constantly expanding its rich educational offer, which enjoys considerable market interest.

Active cooperation with the business and economic environment gives the opportunity to create unique study programs ensuring the acquisition of solid academic knowledge and reliable practical skills necessary on the labor market.

- All specializations carried out at the Old Polish University in Kielce have a practical profile - emphasizes Dr. Dariusz Kruk, Vice-rector for General Affairs of the Old Polish University in Kielce. - Studies are carried out in cooperation with institutional partners whose activities are consistent with the fields of study run by the university.

Students can study in the following fields:

Pre-school and early school education, Social work - as part of the specialization: Family assistant, Social work with seniors, 

Pedagogy within the specialization: Early school and preschool education, Care and educational pedagogy, Rehabilitation with sociotherapy, Senior care, Speech therapy, Career counseling with Career coaching, Diagnosis and Pedagogical therapy,

Psychology within the specialization: Educational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Support Psychology, Sport Psychology,
Internal Security within the specializations: Public Safety and Property Protection with Detective Powers, Logistics of Security Systems and Uniformed Services, Crisis Management, Safety and Security, Public Safety and Security, State Security Management, Road and Air Transportation Safety and Security,
Economics within the specializations: Economics of transport and logistics, Economics and finance of enterprises , Economics and organization of enterprises, Hotel management and tourism, Economics of local government units,

Finance and Accounting within the specializations: Accounting, Public Finance, Banking and Real Estate, Accounting and Auditing, Financial Manager, 

Marketing and electronic business within the specialization: Internet Marketing, Online Electronic Commerce, 

Management and security within the specialization: Crisis Management, Business Security.


Information about the recruitment procedure and the educational
offer is available
on the Old Polish University website at

University staff will be happy to provide information
during working hours.
Please contact us at the phone number +48 41 345 85 88
or e-mail: stsw [@]

The academic staff are well-established academics as well as qualified practitioners who prepare future graduates for specific future careers.

The university has a system of assistance for students, who can apply for social scholarship, scholarship for the disabled, Rector's scholarship, scholarship funded by the local government, Minister's scholarship, financial aid, scholarship for results in science and sports.

The Old Polish University in Kielce in the independent “Perspektywy” ranking, was named the best non-public university in Swiętokrzyskie region. For its activity it received a number of awards and honors such as: International Tourism Award, Leader of the Region in the category of Science, Award for the internationalization of studies. In the last five years the prestigious scholarship of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education was awarded to 22 students of the University.

How is recruitment process and what are the deadlines for submitting documents?

Recruitment at the Old Polish University in Kielce is conducted in electronic and stationary form. The condition for entering into the list of candidates for studies is submitting a complete set of required documents.

Documents should be submitted to the University's office in Kielce at

University staff will be happy to provide information during working hours by contacting the phone number +48 41 345 85 88 and e-mail:

Deadline for submitting documents: by September 30, 2021. All forms of studies at the university are paid. The admission procedure is conducted on the basis of the submitted documents.

Admission is determined by the order of documents submitted, until the limit for each specialization is reached.

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