Anima Mundi Festival – photography, installation, performing art

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It's LIQUID International Art Festival Palazzo Ca' Zanardi – May 13 -July 02, 2017
It’s LIQUID Group, in collaboration with Ca’ Zanardi, is proud to announce the opening of ANIMA MUNDI, International Art Festival, curated by Luca Curci and Andrea Chinellato, that will be presented in Venice at Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi and other prestigious venues and historical buildings, in the months between May and November 2017, in the same period of the 57th Venice Art Biennale.


ANIMA MUNDI consists of 3 main events, RITUALS, CONSCIOUSNESS and VISIONS, and the collateral events ELEMENTS – FROM SHAPE TO SPACE and Venice Experimental Video and Performance Art Festival.
RITUALS, the first appointment of ANIMA MUNDI festival, will be hosted in Venice, at Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, from May 13, 2017 to July 02, 2017. The opening of the festival will be on May 13, 2017, starting from 06:00 PM (free entry).
curators Luca Curci | Andrea Chinellato
project coordinators Carmela Loiacono | Vincenzo Mesiti collaborators Serena Gollini | Matteo Messina | Maddalena Pippa
press office It's LIQUID Group
venue Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Cannaregio 4132 – 30121 Venice, Italy dates 13 May – 02 July, 2017 | Monday-Friday | 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM (free entry)

SELECTED ARTISTS Laura Astorri & Andrea Jose' Bordoni . Italy | Era Berki . The Netherlands | Giacomo Bevanati . UK | Eduardo Darino . Uruguay | Andrew DeCaen . USA | Elvin Díaz . Dominican Republic | Julia Dubovik . USA | Annie Edney . Australia | Dascha Esselius . Sweden-Czech Republic | Amalia Gil-Merino . Germany | Antonia Pia Gordon . UAE | Christine Heitler . Austria | Behruz Heschmat . Austria | David Köfler . Austria | Heesoo Kwon . South Korea | Lana Leuchuk . Sweden | Johanna Mangold & Jan-Hendrik Pelz . Germany | Carlos Mendoza . Italy | Allanrey Migz Salazar & Joe Datuin . France-Philippines | Marlena Niestrój . Poland | Gina Plunder . Germany | Léa Porré . UK | Hannah Rocchi & Sean Wirz . Switzerland | Sebastiano Sing . Austria | Elisabeth Stephan . Germany | Tibor Toth . Slovakia | Astrid Charlotte Wintgens . Germany | Shanglie Zhou . Belgium    

Eva Chelmecka, Poland

ELEMENTS – FROM SHAPE TO SPACE  Pavel Berdon . Italy | Eva Chelmecka . Poland | Ana Teresa da Rocha Lopes Rego . UK | Samira Freitag . Germany | Petra Mattes . Germany | Jack Paffett . UK | Anel Pala . Bosnia and Herzegovina | Barbara Parise . Italy | Ursula Radel-Leszczynski . Austria | Carlos Regueira Mosquera . Spain | Allanrey Migz Salazar . Philippines-France | Marco Sgarbossa . Italy | Dusan Swalens . Czech Republic | Sze Wai Wong . China | Wasabi Yun Yen . Taiwan   Venice Experimental Video and Performance Art Festival Marko Markovic . Croatia | Kelly Melone . Australia | Ewout van Roon . The Netherlands
It's LIQUID Group
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 33 70122 - Bari, Italy
Santa Croce, 1116 30135 - Venezia,  Italy
T. +39.0805234018 M. +39.3387574098
PERFORMANCE PROGRAM May 13, 2017, Palazzo Ca' Zanardi, starting from 06:00PM
Laura Astorri and Andrea Jose' Bordoni . Italy - "Organo Lento" - 15' The elemental Spirits are dancing: an ancient body memoir calls them on the stage. A metamorphosis occurs. The human being, always looking for the deepest connection with his axis mundi, can only request the ancestral truths to his own body, to the guts, to the shadowy and forgotten himself. This connection with Cosmos and Gea, the mother and the Earth, becomes real only if you lose yourself: you have to implode and let yourself be reborn, like a cocoon made of a long-lasting dreamy slumber.
Marko Markovic . Croatia - "Anarchy" - 10' Performer will walk through the space and shout loudly "Anarchy". For 10 minutes performer will engage audience on the movement trough the space. While doing so, with repletion of the statement "Anarchy" performer will inspire people to start shouting with him. With this statement performer will celebrate freedom and liberty as basic human rights.
Kelly Melone . Australia - "Reign of Contexti–Venice" - 15' The performance will last for 15 minutes. It will involve "contexti" showering down onto me where I will stand silently under the "curtain" machine. Before the rain of contexti starts, I will enter breathing in Morse code, "SOS" (in breath as the dot, out breath as the dash) wearing a cloak of my stripped and woven handwriting on architecture paper. I will stand silently, and when I take off the cloak the contexti will begin to rain down on me. When the rain of contexti finishes, I will resume, putting my cloak back on, and exit breathing "SOS" in Morse code once more.
Marlena Niestrój . Poland - "Bonds" - 20' The performance is a personal reflection on  life entanglements and forces involved: existential and social as well as an unique strength of an individual experience – of empiricism, which torn every human life. The “Bonds” viewers together with the protagonist of the story take a part in a metaphorical initiation journey. During the journey, as in life, extremes – seemingly opposing forces: pleasure and suffering, freedom and shackles, vitality and memento of death complement each other, and, literally, intertwine and entangle.
Marco Sgarbossa . Italy - "Impossible Bouquet" - 20' Increasing technology allows things to dissolve, but if the signifier is now a variable the meaning can remain constant? The investigation begins with this reflection and deals with the theme of changing the state of matter through the perfume translation of a Impossible Bouquet (Jan Van Huysum 1682-1749). Through the modern technique of perfume synthesis, the work poses the question of our perception in relation to objects and practices dissolving from technology.
Sebastiano Sing . Austria - "Yves in Eden" - 20' YVES IN EDEN turns the symbolic story of Adam and Eve in the Garden Eden and the "kick-out" of Paradise into an ongoing ritual. In YVES IN EDEN, the story is slightly turned around: What if we could not have left the Garden Eden? Wouldn’t it be boring to stay in Paradise totally alone? What is the fascination of the construct of Paradise that still works? As the giant apple is made out of concrete, the performer will fail to bite into it, that’s for sure, but finds his way to penetrate orally the metaphor without one single word.


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